Jeffrey Benjamin Attorney NY

For those who’ve never initiated a lawsuit or challenged someone in court, there are always plenty of questions and concerns surrounding the process. Whether you intend to file a lawsuit or are gearing up for trial with your legal team, it’s crucial to find the right attorney who can help prove your case. If your claims are centered on consumers’ rights, then New York-based lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin is the right choice. That’s because Mr. Benjamin is an ardent defender of consumers’ rights and has proven his skills, in part, through obtaining verdicts and settlements following jury trials. Another hallmark of his skill and experience includes representing clients who filed predatory lending and identity theft claims. Mr. Benjamin’s experience stems from a deep understanding and knowledge of the New York Deceptive Practices Act and New Jersey Consumer Fraud Truth in Consumer Contract and Warranty Acts.

Evidence of success that attorney Jeffrey Benjamin has achieved in court include a jury verdicts over the years, one including a real estate and mortgage fraud. As the case unfolded, Mr. Benjamin worked tirelessly to expose the defendant as someone who was committing a fraudulent inducement and concealment scheme all while he also breached his fiduciary duties. What made that success even sweeter is that Mr. Benjamin achieved another successful verdict a month earlier when he argued a case between two construction contractors. “We often go up against lawyers with endless resources, but have an excellent infrastructure to handle all litigation matters,” said lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin, whose motto is, “Don’t be a victim. Fight fraud and pursue your legal rights.”

By hiring attorney Jeffrey Benjamin and his firm with your case, you’ll be aided by partnerships he has formed and additional legal resources to fight. Business people and those living in the New York City and Long Island area have much to gain by bringing Mr. Benjamin aboard. Given his decades of experience in business, commercial real estate and construction litigation as well as work as a trial lawyer, he gives his clients the maximum chance of success.

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